Private Medical Insurance pays for your private medical treatment and care in a private hospital instead of relying on the NHS. Private healthcare can mean no NHS waiting lists, this includes specialist appointments and fast access to diagnostics, treatment and any aftercare.

What costs for treatment does Medical Insurance generally cover?

Private Medical Insurance has become very flexible in what types of medical costs it covers. It depends on what you would like your insurance to do for you, and of course your budget. A fully Comprehensive plan would cover the following:

  • Hospital fees
  • Inpatient and day patient fees
  • Outpatient Consultations
  • Outpatient Diagnostic Tests
  • Cancer treatments
  • Therapies

How does Comprehensive Private Medical Insurance work?

  1. Visit the GP
  2. Obtain a GP open referral
  3. Call your insurer

Your insurer will then arrange an specialist appointment when it suits you at a private facility – everything thereafter is paid for by the insurer, including diagnostics, in/day patient treatment and surgery & follow ups.

What are the main benefits of having Private Medical Insurance over relying on the NHS?

  • No long waiting lists
  • Access to the very best specialists and hospitals
  • Private rooms with en-suite facilities
  • Access to the latest drugs and treatments sometimes not available on the NHS

Why do I need advice?

Let Imperial Health use its knowledge and expertise to establish what type of plan is right for you. We then negotiate the very best terms available amongst our wide panel of insurers.

See below a number of variables that can have an impact on your premium and what conditions can be covered:

  • Excess levels
  • Which hospitals are covered
  • Outpatient Cover
  • Underwriting terms
  • Shortfalls covered
  • Additional benefits included – Therapies, Dental, Travel.
  • Restrictions – 6 Week Option

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